Monday, August 13th, 2018

The Little People Go for a Drive in the Woods

We walked through the woods and down to the island




carrying only a few essentials including water, cheese, and a small number of Little People.








The Little People liked it there!




They drove over hills




and under bridges,




guided by the demigod-like little hands




of children.




Putta putta putta putta up the mountainβ€”








Phew. All’s well that ends well.




They drove to the scenic overlook,




guided by the demigod-like little hands




of children.




“Goodness! There’s a lot of trash here!”




“But you must admit, the scenery is beautiful.”





Sequencing & storyline by Iris & Akivaβ€”








Photography & location management: Mama.


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  1. Huguette Fournier1 says:

    Wow! Mes enfants Β« Martin et Ghislain Β» se sont amusΓ©s avec ces jouets. Cela me rappelle des souvenirs avec eux. Que de beaux moments qu’ils ont eu.

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