Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Packing Toys

I’ve spent the majority of my visit going through toys with Mom. I photograph and catalog them thenΒ list them on eBay and deal with customers and sales. She packs them and brings them to the appropriate location for shipment. It’s been fun in a good, cleansing sort-of way. I enjoy talking about all these things with mom and going through stuff and looking at things. I like the teeny, tiny voids created in various locations of the mom’s house. Currently, the voids created in one area have mostly been turned into clutter in other areas, but hopefully low eBay prices and efficient packing skills will solve that quickly.


Mom, packing.





A small amount of clutter surrounds her.





Iris is in charge of Peanut Management.





Dan cooks dinner.






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  1. kt says:

    Great light balances.
    Dan Looks like he is cold.

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