Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Ode to the Derelict Playground

Under new management, Camp Val-Esterie, a previously profitable outdoors camp, went bankrupt a few years ago,




leaving behind, amongst other things, the best playground in town.




Real see-saws.




Metal slides.




Tall swings.




Used tires.




Wood climbing structures.




The best.




According to me.




It is perhaps because it all reminds me so much of my childhood




that photographing it in color seems wrong.




If only Akiva’s boots were not so blatantly patterned, one might question the year.




This playground is, by far, not the newest.




That award would go to the


located in the center of town.




This 400-acre property,




with its out-door obstacle games, rivers, trails, magnificent building, and outbuildings,




and not to mention the coolest playground in town,




is for sale for a mere half-million. However, it is not for development.




It is for sale to be run as a non-profit education center.





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    These are awesome!

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