Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse NY, Evening Light

(Parenthetical preface & continuing software/hardware rant: About 10 months after the horrific camera destroying incident, I finally have a new camera, a new computer, and a new photo processing program. Now out a good deal of time and money and eight months behind on my photoblog, I begin again. Enraptured by the evening light and my first foray out of the house with my new camera, I took over 500 photographs. Processing and culling them was agonizing, as is the continuing march through months and months of photos. Today is March 6, 2021.)



I. Grafitti Tomb

The setting sun shone through the western window of the mausoleum,

illuminating brilliant blocks of color sprayed on the interior.












II. The Pyramid

Beset with easy toe, finger and root holds,

this tomb is a favorite of local collegiate rock climbers and adventitious plants.












III. Spotlight

A break somewhere in the canopy of a nearby tree sends a spot of light shining on a stone.





Akiva is sad that Iris gets so much photographic attention.

I take many pictures of him, but no matter how hard he tries to look like a professional model,

he still looks like a cute little five-year-old-boy who is out past his bed time.






IV. Pedestal

I used over two rolls of film capturing the subtle dynamics between siblings sitting on this stone.

(Wait, who’s shooting film?)

Wordlessly, they held long conversations with their faces.

Choosing individual shots was as simple as choosing one’s favorite wild flower from a blooming meadow.














V. Two Portraits







VI. Cars on Graves

Iris is perfectly happy to pose here or there and look this way or that. She says it is easy: all she has to do is stay still.

Akiva simply cannot pose for me. He says it is too hard to stay still. I need to try harder to photograph him.






VII. The Painters

Dan was going painting at Oakwood with his friend Martha. He invited us to come along.












VIII. Circle Skirt

















IX. In the Stars







X. European Beech

Fagus sylvatica






XI. Circle Skirt Reprise















XII. Leaving

It was long past bed time.





(Parenthetical postscript: Holy Toledo, Lone Ranger! I’ve never posted so many photos at once! It’s sure expecting a lot of someone, thinking they might actually take the time to look at them all. But wasn’t the light just divine that evening? Wasn’t the light just divine?)



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    Beautiful light and beautiful portraits.

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