Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Knight of Cups โ€” The Renaissance Tarot

Jane LyleIllustrator: Helen Jones
Author: Jane Lyle



Upright: Romantic โ€ข Inspirational โ€ข Visionary

Reversed: Loss of direction


The Knight of Cups is the Arthurian heroโ€” the grail knightโ€” the spiritual poetโ€” the courtly loverโ€”the romantic artist. Chasing his muse, he undertakes a journey of imagination and creativity through the unconscious. Because he is in love with life itself, he is charming and attractive to others, regardless of their sex. He uses refined, feminine intuition during quests of romance and seduction. Master of following his heartโ€™s inner compass, he makes decisions with little input from his brain and follows the wisdom of his dreams.


In the worst of times, the Knight of Cups jumps to conclusions before looking at facts. He becomes moody, jealous or emotional to the point of incapacity and allows his emotions to control his life.


*ย ย  *ย ย  *


Tarot of the AbsurdI made a postcard

to celebrate the completion of my deck.

Want one?

Send me a post card for trade

or buy one here.

I also made a stamp of the Knight of Sticks

which is way cooler than the postcard

but Zazzleยฎ won’t publish it publicly

because apparently it glorifies weapons

in a way that is not incidental.

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