Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

How to tell when your house has no insulation:

The outlet in the “master” bedroom appears to be sweating.

This is not condensation;

this is due to the fact that the ice which formed over night is melting in the morning sun.

Note the water stains around the outlet.




The sun has not yet hit the outside wall so hard in Iris’ room, where this outlet is.

You can see little icicles forming at the bottom of the outlet cover.




This is the thickest formation of ice, on the southwest corner behind Iris’ curtain.

You can see a tiny bit of green where the curtain froze to the ice overnight.

During the day, the ice melts and forms puddles on the windowsill.




I try to appreciate the stained-glass effect of ice.






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  1. Mom says:

    Looks like you should squirt the same foam in your upper level walls that you did in your basement walls.

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