Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Demolition of the Ramp


The house came with a ramp. It is useful for people who cannot ascend stairs. Currently, we are all fortunate enough to have good use of our legs, so we decided to demolish the ramp and put the wood to uses that would better suit our needs. Martin began by removing the handrails.




Next, he took off some of the planks of the main ramp. He put the ramp itself aside for later.

I was thinking perhaps it would come in useful as a one-piece item, but I changed my mind.




He unscrewed all the rails and boards of all parts of the structure.




Akiva assisted with the drillingβ€”




β€”and the pulling of nails.




Iris collected all nails and screws.

She separated them into various containers, sorted by length and head type.

She put those which were deemed unfit to go back to work on another structure into a bag for recycling.




She also organized the wood according to size.




Everyone worked beautifully together excepting me.

I just took some photos, did laundry, fed people, and enjoyed watching my family.







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  1. Mom says:

    Nice to see Martin in the family photos. Will the wood be re-ramped as a skateboard ramp?

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