Monday, August 6th, 2018


We went camping! It was delightful, but I failed to take many photos. We borrowed a tent & lucked into the best site in the park due to a last minute cancelation. Martin went camping once before in his life & it rained, so he swore off camping forever. But we brought him nonetheless, kicking & struggling, & it was almost completely delightfully sunny excepting a 15 minute delightfully light cloudburst in the middle of breakfast on our final day camping. Martin had to swear off camping again, forever and ever this time. The kids had a blast, tho, so if the kids are still cute next year, there’s a possibility that we can convince him to sleep in a tent once more.


This is our campsite.

Remember, the camera has an amazing ability to frame that which is most beautiful.

That which you don’t see: scalded plants from where people poured out boiling water, toothpaste spit, mangled saplings, trees with every reachable limb broken off, and the general camping junk.

This is what I have framed: this is what I will rememberβ€”




Down below, we have our own tiny, private beach. 




It is a good place to go when one wants to share secrets.




The water invites them in.




Much later & getting late, my children watch the fire.

A fire is sometimes just for watching.




Proof that Martin came with us. He may have even enjoyed himself. Who knows.


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