Sunday, October 13th, 2013

We visit Kathy

I decided to stop by Kathy’s house. She was just getting home when I biked up.

Scott had been working on her truck, so she’d borrowed his car. But oops, she scratched it!

She felt horrible, giving him something else to fix when he was doing so much work.

But he forgave her. See? All those electric wires criss-crossing everywhere andβ€”

Zoom! Zoom! Electric wires so hot they shoot out of Scott & Kathy’s heads with a kiss!

10 13 13_5556

Β (Wait. Or is that a dormant tree?)



Kathy thinks its funny that I like photos of people sitting on front steps.

10 13 13_5544



Kathy & Sabien chat over popcorn.

10 13 13_5586

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