Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Unenthusiastic Model, Take III


I bring the kiddos to the covered bridge at L’Abri VΓ©gΓ©tal so that they can play in the river and afterwards maybe, just maybe I can take a decent photo of Akiva in the shirt I made him. Good luck to me! First, Akiva really doesn’t see the point in putting his clothing back on after he plays in the river.




When Akiva finally gets dressed, Hymie is shy and would prefer not to show off their matching outfits. Akiva is very protective of Hymie.




So I give up on Hymie. I decide my goal is simply to photograph my children, dressed, against the timbers of the bridge. The bridge is really nice because it magically turns harsh, mid-day sun into soft, angled light.




I try various, moderately successful techniques to try to convince the children to turn their faces to the perfect angle for optimal lighting.




This next series of photos proves that the issue it is not that my photographic skills have gone completely downhill. In truth, I was first gifted with an incredibly talented photographic model and then with a complete goofball.









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