Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Tragedy of the Colonies

Here are some photos documenting todays flood in my yard which washed away my mulch pile and my wood pile and my ash pile and my new lawn fishes which I had just purchased recently to swim around and eat all the lawn mosquitos.
It was really sad because the whole lawn was flooded and everyso often I saw the remains of an ant colony clinging for dear life to a grass tip, clustered in a bundle around their queen and a few tiny white babies. All the ants were flooded out of their homes. Thousands died. I really like my ants. I was really sad. I didn’t get any pictures of them, tho. Iris was napping and I had a lot of work to do. I sent Ari back out but she failed to photograph them due to failing light. My neighbors had a river flowing into their basement. Compared to the ants and my neighbors, we’re pretty dry inside.07 04 13_0898
07 04 13_0900

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