Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Page of Swords β€” Deviant Moon Tarot

Patrick ValenzaArtist: Patrick Valenza


I sent out a request for quotes to some printers in China for a run of 500 decks. The printing places in the US seem to go through printers in China, so I’m seeing if it’s possible to eliminate the middleperson. I said to the deck, β€œTell me something about printing in/ working with China,” and drew the Page of Swords, reversed.


Patrick Valenza writes: β€œThe young page roams the city. He is skilled in perceiving hidden truths and secrets, however he is often underestimated due to his youth.”


Upright: Insightful. Perceptive. Intuitive. Keeper of secrets.
Reversed: Deceit. A liar. False friend.


If I am successful finding a printer in China, I can, in theory, save a lot of money. However, I have little experience in business. I have no experience in dealing with (what seems to me like) large volume overseas orders where I have to deal directly with people on the other side of a large cultural divide. If I am not careful, I can easily be duped.


I cannot rush into action like the immature Page of Blades. Certainly I will learn a lot if I choose to do business in China, but if I fail to take the proper precautions, the learning experience may have the effect of the close-up viewing of a hurricane rather than a more controlled hike up a tall mountain with a nice vista at the end.


Do I have the wherewithal to right this reversed Page of Blades into success? Tune in tomorrow (or the next day or the day after…)

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