Monday, August 5th, 2013

New Sport

I have come to the realization that what I am attempting to do in these images is meld the rather disparate fields of child portraiture and street photography.


In the first case, child portraiture involves photographing a child in a controlled environment that is possibly made up to look like someplace it isn’t.


In the second case, in my experience with street photography, the photographer generally more-or-less wanders about waits for subjects to come to her; certainly it is considered rather impolite to chase people down.


What a combination of the two amounts to is taking my child to an interesting location and setting her free then proceeding to chase after her with a camera in hopes of getting some fascinating interaction.Β In this way, it is rather more like sports photography than anything else.


This photo clearly leans toward portraiture,

08 03 13_2586


while this is quite clearly a street shot with baby.

08 03 13_2623


The juggler was an interesting fellow.

08 03 13_2635

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