Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

Johnville Bog & Forest Park, Back Entry

On a cool late August day, we walk around the fence on the far side of the Johnville Bog parking lot to enter the bog the back way. Fence, boulders, and signage are all there to try to keep four-wheelers out of the protected area. In my observation, most people driving four-wheelers have little regard for protected areas.


The back trail starts up a steep eroded ridge.

It goes through a disturbed woodland rife with four-wheeler trails.




The trail emerges from the small woodland on top of a rocky ridge.




Below the ridge, one can see the extent of four-wheeler disturbance.

This whole area was once boreal forest bog.

Now, little grows outside the protected area but a few scattered poplars.




We walk through the disturbed area into the forest park.




Tall trees grow here.




We walk through the woods, into the bog.




Black spruce, tamarack, cottongrass and Labrador tea

bring back the sights and smells of Fairbanks, Alaska.




Mouths agape, pitcher plants beckon.




I love this place.







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