Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Grand View of the Playground (Val-Estrie)

After dropping Iris off at school, we park the bike on the property next door.




We explore the little bridge that goes across the little river.

On the far side of the little river there is

a little community garden and a little barn with a little yard for little chickens.




On the near side of the little river is the playground.




The swings are off to the right in the above photo.

Beyond the swings, up the little hill, is a little fence.

Then there is the little river that divides the playground from the little farm & garden area.




Using this type of swing is a bit of a balancing actβ€”




β€”they are dumping swings.

If you manage to sit on them, their is a good chance they will dump you off.




They are also leaning swings, for people who don’t like dumping swings.




I love the see-saws.

I especially appreciate the extra care they put into inserting the handle bolts from the bottom.

This way, when the see-saw is being swiftly lowered onto an unsuspecting person’s body

(it happens!)

they don’t get the extra bother of having rusty bolts puncture their flesh.




It is not allowed to place tires in playgrounds anymore.




The grass is greener on this side.




Akiva is king of the lonely playground.






*   *   *


*   *   *








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