Friday, August 21st, 2020

Close-Ups of the Colony

At hutch #1, the turkeysβ€”




roost above the rabbits.




Never trust a turkey.




Tucker & Clover produce two basic colors of rabbit:





and cream.

They taste the same.




All the rabbits like the little hutch with the hole.

The pint-sized ones go under, the quart-sized ones go inside,

half-gallons flop where the rocks are and hop on the roof,

and the gallon-sized hoppers flop about under the lean-to sides.




Rabbits love to be pet on the bridge of the nose.




Tucker checks up on a young-‘un hiding in the sticks.




Feeding station A is at hutch #2.

Rabbits poop a lot where they eat, so we are continually cleaning & moving the hutches.




Wabbit nose.




Never trust a turkey.




Feeding station B is under the yellow A-frame.




The cool sand under the fire pit is a popular flopping place.




Zap is out!




Never trust a turkey.


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