King of Coins — Tarot of the Absurd

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Jessica RoseArtist: Jessica Rose Shanahan


Dignified— This card can indicate a loyal and dependable leader who is not necessarily either intelligent or imaginative. He is trustworthy, patient, cautious, and uses his inborn wisdom to increase his wealth. He is slow to lose his temper, but once angered he stands rigid against his enemies.
Key Words— Planning, advice, counsel, promising ventures.


Ill Dignified— This card can indicate a person who is easily bought, dull, very materialistic and mercenary. He is blind to beauty and hates change as he finds it hard to adapt. He treads a well worn path even if it leads nowhere.
Key Words— Beauty blindness, dislike of change, mercenary attitude.

Re de Denari — Il Tarocco Bizzarro

Monday, February 20th, 2012

re di denariArtist: Franco Bruna


“Coins are the suit of money and success. They refer to practicality, concreteness and the physical world. They are linked to the earth element because of their solidness and reality.”
King: Commercialist, trader, financier, smart investment.


The King of Coins was the final card I illustrated for my deck. I have pulled it numerous times from other decks. I no longer recall why I had such issues illustrating the kings. I think I had trouble motivating myself to sit down. I have always said I’ll finish all my more sedentary projects when I’m crippled.


A friend who infallibly misunderstood the gist of what I said once replied, “Why do you plan on becoming crippled?” Too caught off guard to explain that the effects of age are often crippling, I replied, “I don’t plan on it—” and he said “You’ll never finish anything.” Alas, he lived his life as an inverted Two of Coins. It was not in his nature to understand my reasoning.


[Oops! I meant to post a card of mine today! I’ll show my own King of Coins tomorrow…]

King of Pentacles — Pearls of Wisdom

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Artist: Roxi Sim

Booklet: Caeli Fullbrite


I said— tell me something of a breaking heart—




“Archetypal male, strongly related to the riches of the earth.

His love and care bring abundance.

He is loyal, reliable, sincere, and successful,

especially on the material plane.

Whatever he touches leads to security and protection.”


the woman said to me—
there is no other for
he is the King of Coins—
but I don’t know what love is—


I said— love is just that—


but now it is too late— she said
for he has lost all hope


and I said — hope

is all you’ve left to loose

the King’s heart breaks slow
his Lover’s heart tumbles soon after

King of Pentacles — Bruegel Tarot

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Guido Zibordi MarchesiArtist: Guido Zibordi Marchesi


Interpretation: “Experience. Generosity. An old sparrow will not enter a cage. (An expert will not let himself be cheated.)”


—What is jealousy? I asked

—and drew the King of Coins, reversed.


Jealousy is a strong feeling of envy. It is an intense effort to hold on to one’s possessions and it is often associated with distrust, suspicion, anger, and other negative emotions.


This King of Coins is a powerful man who has an abundance of security, control, power and discipline. He generates a lot of his self-worth from what he has accumulated and what he can share with others. Reversed, he is materialistic, possessive, and jealous. Experience has taught him little about kindness. He will accommodate others only if it is to his own advantage. At times, he will do anything for money.


Easily impressed by social status, this King-Put-Upside-Down will readily fulfill requests of those he deems above him. A social snob, he dismisses those with lesser authority and status. He is a name-dropper and a braggart. He is a user, and will not think twice about the injury he causes others in his pursuit of money, possession, and power. If he is a workaholic it is out of greed and he does not share; otherwise he expects others to look after him financially.


The inverted King is often abusive toward his family, wielding disciplinary power, rigid authority and inflexible control as weapons. Failing to show his love through positive means, he excels at suppressing the spirit of others.



Jealousy is a Blindfold that lets
the Jealous One run face-first into Greed.
Blind with Envy, he flails his arms
Oppressing those who navigate around him.



The Jealous Sparrow locks its cage
and huddles inside with its seed.
Protected from intruders, a Jealous Bird
will never find its Freedom.


Fante di Denari — Il Tarocco Bizarro

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Artist: Franco Bruna


“It is practically impossible to use Tarots in order to know what the future holds before-hand. If this was not so, this crazy, mad world would be even more insane and frightening than it already is. Maybe this is the reason why the journey into the Tarots begins with The Fool… At the end of this journey it will be easy to use Tarots to better understand the reality that surrounds us and to see what could have been clear, but, clearly, [was] not…”


[In other words, it is easier to read the past than to read the future. Still, we refuse to learn.]

*     *     *


A student with new and brilliant ideas needs guidance.

Act on those grand ideas, but keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

The page of coins asks us to grow in a way that generates wealth for the future. It indicates the energy to begin the process of bringing dreams into reality. This card encourages us to begin actions that will ultimately lead to the achievement of goals. Be clear on what skills and resources are required in order to get closer to the goal. Putting theory into practice will lead to finding a solution that actually works.

The page of coins has the desire to learn all things. Instead of getting carried away with more ideas, remain focused on the practical elements of what is realistic and achievable: remain focused on tangible outcomes and results.

Der Worte sind genug gewechselt,
lasst mich auch endlich Taten sehn!
Enough words have been exchanged;
now at last let me see some deeds!
Shall I ever pass the page of coins
and move beyond the prologue in the theater?
My kings! My kings! I need to draw my kings!