Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Biking Top

I made a cute little top for cute little Iris to wear on her cute little bike. It’s nice and short, so now she can bike all fancied-up without worrying about getting mud on her ruffles! Naturally, all that measuring and marking and cutting and pressing snipping and sewing calls for a photoshoot, so I took her down to the picturesque backdrop of greenery and water along the Massawippi River.


Iris: “Goodness gracious, not another photoshoot with adorable me wearing a cute outfit in a picturesque area along the Massawippi.”




Mama: “Fine. If you don’t feel like showing off your adorability, please at least hug your brother.”

(This almost always works.)




Iris (to Akiva) “Cheek-cheek?”




Akiva: “Are we cute?”



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