Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Ace of Cups β€” The Fantasy Showcase Tarot

C. Lee Healey[Although I’ve had this deck for a number of years, I’ve always been afraid to shuffle it in fear that I would thereafter never be able to tell what many of the cards are. Now it’s shuffled.]


Artist: C. Lee Healey


Interpretation: “Great love; fertility; bounty; productiveness.”


Ace of cups. To be full of love. The greatest love one can offer out is true love of one’s self. How can one truly love others if one does not love one’s self?


I am pregnant by means of love, showing my fertility, the bounty of which should be a child in another four months’ time, demonstrating my (re)productiveness. In order to best love my child, I need to act with love toward myself.


Last night I dreamed I was a fuzzy little winged-creature of the soaring (not flapping) type. I was clinging to the edge of a precipice with a strong updraft. I wondered, if I spread my wings and leapt and soared just right, could I go outward, round a small promontory in the cliff face, and land once more clinging to the vertical stone on the other side? My friends encouraged me. I leapt and plummeted down, down, with the cliff face shooting up before me as I fell faster and faster, the wind whipping through my wings at breakneck speed and the darkness ever deepening. It was a significant moment before I realized I needed to learn to flap if I was ever going to return to the cliff. I flapped as hard as I could, my body seeming heavier each moment, my forward movement barely negligible, my downward movement reaching terminal velocity.


Thus was the dream.


What impressed me about the dream is that I didn’t panic. Panicking would have been a waste of time. I thought only for a moment that, by the time I returned to the cliff face, I would have to climb upwards thousands of feet out of the darkness. There is no how to view private instagram profiles without following no survey point in worrying about the scarcity of handholds or the integrity of the rock or the height of a climb on a cliff face I might never reach.


Moral: Take care of the present, and the future will take care of itself.

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